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Ahhh this blog that you have stumbled upon was created in order to satiate all the extra time most teenagers have over the summer. We've all been at that place when we are bored out of our minds and in need of something to do! So instead of engaging in stupid, mindless high school activities we decided to create a blog. Yes, there are two of us. We are simply two ordinary but very unique teenagers. We work on this blog with a cohesive nature and most posts, outfits, and photos are completed together. We use the advantage of two minds to our benefits, and we try to deliver the best possible content we can! Our style is not usually described as mainstream, our favorite store is usually not the popular choice: forever 21; we like to be different and bold and we believe our style reflects that. We hope that our outfits INSPIRE all of you to take chances and learn that fashion is an art that reflects who you are. Don't hesitate to dress outside of the box; dress to satisfy yourself, not others.

The 2 pleats in a pod: A little bit about us

Lar (Larissa):
Ayo, to start off: i love cooking, baking, fashion, meeting new people, and learning! I would definitely consider myself a nerd. I often find myself baking or reading in my free time. I really enjoy reading nonfiction and encourage all young kids out there to read! On this blog I really want to upload some of my recipes; I like to keep most of my recipes guilt-free and a little healthier than the rest. I never was really that bold about my fashion until I entered high school. It was not the pressure of others that caused my evolution in style; it was honestly my watching of youtube videos that inspired me. Once I saw how confident and "cool" everybody was on youtube fashion videos it really influenced me to evolve my OWN style. My favorite stores include urban outfitters, asos, lulus, shopruche, h & m, and gap. I love a good black or brown jean with a simple tee.


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